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I have a pair of 2007 efi 150's just had them serviced and the impellers changed. We took it out yesterday to see how it ran. I felt the pee coming out of the motors during idle and it was really hot. We were only able to run it hard for 10 minutes or so. None of the warnings came on. Is this normal?

I found this article on the internet

"I have a mercury 150 outboard motor If the water coming out of the pea hole is really hot does that mean the water pump is bad"

Not necessarily, on the 150 Mercury the tell-tale stream does not flow at full volume until the thermostats on both heads are fully open. The thermostats are designed to open at 143 degrees fahrenheit, so it is normal. On a cold day, you may even see steam coming off the pee stream. If in doubt, check the engine temp while at idle, and after a short run. It is normal to see the temperature in the 150 - 165 range."
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