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Made it out Monday with my girlfriend and our dads. we went on the New Buccaneer with close to a full boat. it was sporty to say the least. fishing was not that hot either. the boat ended up doing fair for the weather conditions we had. for about an hour or 2 we stayed tied to a platform due to the squall that blew through. I stood on the bow trying like heck to catch what ever kept stealing my blue runner chunks about fist size. it rained, i fish, it rained harder, i fished, we watched two water spouts in the distance and you guessed it, i kept fishing. all of this with no luck. everything from blue runner chunk to live piggy and evan smelly squid. after the weather cleared up we headed to one last spot to try and pick up some more fish. my self and my father ended up with two nice snapper, around 15lb or so (no scale). over all it was fairly slim fishin but had a few quality fish. Boat tally, 3 snapper around 12-15lb, 1 ling around 45-50lb, 15 or so king fish average size to small. bunch of triggers, angel fish and snapper. some sharks and one stingray. For those of you that decided not to go out due to the weather, GOOD Choice!


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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