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Somebody got me to thinking about memorable events that have happened (good, bad and otherwise) and I know some of yall have some good ones so lets here em.

Like the one time me and Matagorda Castaway went 40+ miles offshore in a 23ft boat and got caught in a storm. The wind, rain and im pretty sure hail for a short while, really picked up. It got so rough that rods were shooting outta the T-top like rocket launchers on bone jarring impacts, 120qt coolers full of ice and **** were floating around and beating everyone and everything up, not to mention the motor was under water but still running (probably the only reason we are alive today).

Or one of the first really good fishin trips I had. It was a FOGGY early morning(actually it lasted most of the day come to think of it) fishing with my dad. We stayed in one area catching and releasing solid trout with a few reds mixed in all day.

Or the night my lantern burst into a huge ball of flames while gigging and i had to walk about a half mile back in the dark with a burnt hand and no mosquito spray.

Or the day I got a little too close to the breakers and about flipped the boat over onto the sand. Lost a good rod and reel on that one.

Or the time I was wading tit deep and heard something big coming from behind me- almost having a browning of the pants moment. Come to find out it was THE biggest sea turtle ive ever seen in my life as he swam within 5-6 feet of me, at what seemed like about 20 mph. Pretty cool deal after I figured out what it was.

Or the time we decided it would be a good idea to swim out to the jetty to fish the other side. Got a lot of cuts and common sense ingrained from that one.

Or the time I was wading and sunk to my waist in mud, reflexes automatically telling me to catch myself, I pushed down on a bunch of razor sharp oysters. Got to see what the inside of my hand looked like, but it wasn't worth it. Took some crawling, praying and pulling from a buddy to finally get out.

Or the time me and my buddy were pier fishing and start to catch a few keeper trout. A big ole bird decides to come land and proceed to start squawking so loud it could be heard for miles im sure. I get annoyed and like a dumbarsss I cast at it and of course catch the bohemoth. By the time I reel in this probably 30 lb real life kite and get him off, my buddys already got the rest of our 20 trout and asks if im ready to go.:rolleyes:
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