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This saying comes from this nautical fact:
The space between each pair of deck planks in a wooden ship was filled with a packing material called "oakum" and then sealed with a mixture of pitch and tar. The result, from afar, was a series of parallel lines a half-foot or so apart, running the length of the deck. Once a week, as a rule, usually on Sunday, a warship's crew was ordered to fall in at quarters -- that is, each group of men into which the crew was divided would line up in formation in a given area of the deck. To insure a neat alignment of each row, the Sailors were directed to stand, toes just touching a particular seam.


Congratulations Magabite and Pablo!
Both of you replied correctly at 3:47 pm

and your winnings are:
Megabite will use his trusty axe to hack his way
through South Texas and help Pablo find himself!

Nautical Quiz #13 (oh!-oh!) is next!
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