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Capt. Woody,

With all due respect, the picture that you are painting is very distorted. How many American lure companies are buying their lures from these Asian factories and selling them as their own designs? Case in point, Shimano introduced the Butterfly Jigs to the U.S. market with much great success. These jigs have been made for the Asian markets for years and essentially Shimano repackaged them and called them their own. Now with their success, Williams, Braid, and others have run over to Asia to find jigs that they can market as their own. These same people will then complain when the Asian factory that is making the lure sells to Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas under those stores' own brand or the Asian company begins to market its own products in the U.S.

I understand your frustration because you have a good product that you have patented, so you own the design, but in 99% of these "infringements" there is no patent involved. In most cases, the American companies have strictly become marketing fronts for the Asian manufacturers. If these American companies want to resolve this issue, they need to manufacture their own products, in their own factories here in America.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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