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It is the sellers responsibility to provide a title to the boat, a title to the motor and a title to the trailer. The motor and boat are registered through the Texas Parks and Wildlife while the trailer is registered with the state through the county tax assessor/collector office in your county (Paul Bettencourt in Harris Co). You use a TPW Form 143 as a bil of sale for the boat, Form 144 as a bill of sale for the motor (both parties have to sign these forms and they are submitted to the TPW along with the signed titles (make sure, if there is a lein on either (it will show this on the front of the title), the seller is responsible for getting the signature of the leinholder releasing the lein on the front of the title).

You do the same thing with the trailer except through the county tax assessor and Texas Dept of Trans. Use form 130U for this. Like above, both have to sign it and it accompanies the title (with any leins released) to the Tax assessor office for your county of residence.

Your original question...in your case you cannot file a mechanics lein. That is reserved for anybody doing work for another person and not getting paid.
If you paid for the boat and did not get a bill of sale, you will have to rely
on the honesty of your seller. You have very little recourse and he could claim you stole his property if it is in your posssion and you do not have any paperwork showing the transaction.
Goodl luck!
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