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If anybody out there has bought one of these to get by just want to let you know something. I know of 2 already that had this problem and can be frustrating. If the generator starts to surge real bad and almost die and then starts to run again and keeps doing this then disconnect the low oil swith shut down right by the kill switch. The sensor will go bad. Just remember to check the oil each time you gas up you will not have an protection if engine is low and might burn it up. Mine started this and after taking the carburettor apart and changing spark plug and getting really angry I tried this and has been working like a champ ever since. I talked to a buddy today and they were working on his neighbors and it was doing the same thing so I told him what to try and presto that was the answer. P.M. if you have any questions.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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