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I'm Re-bidding on lease in southeast texas.(Tied with another guy)... 30 min from I-10 north of orange. It's 18,418 Acres.and a 3 year lease for now. Hwy.87 to the west and sabine river the east. Old recreational area for timber company employees.it's built like state park. very nice. At least a dozen large ox-bows off the river full of fish and looks like duck heaven with large cypress trees. There are 2 marsh units in the woods that are controlled by wier-gates at road crossings. All stand locations are mostly there just needs mowed out. First time leased. 2 camps with electricity and water. several camping areas throughout the place some with water on concrete slabs. but these will be summer camping only. Pavillion in back with restrooms and playground. About 6 miles by 6 miles with pipe-line going both ways. I'll know thursday night Want to keep small number of serious people on this. I don't have it yet but need to line my ducks in a row. Looking for walk-in cooler and things that will benefit the lease. E-mail [email protected] Dwight. Deer,Turkey,hogs,ducks,squirrel,quail,Rabbit's,varmints. It will be managed for family and guests..
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