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You're Right Bubba!

And he'd better!

In our mailbox was a note that he had a package for me from W. Virginia and he would try to deliver again Saturday.

Here's what gets to me so often over this!

Our mailman KNOWS that I am unable to get to the door soon enough to say "thank you! Please put the packaged inside the fence". He KNOWS THAT!

The front door is only 3 ft. from the end of my bed. (You probably remember my telling you that the boys prepared a different bedroom for me at the front of the house so they could see me all the time. AT THE SAME TIME I no longer have privacy, but that's OK)

Back to the mailman.
He also know that I have to use 2 canes to get down the steps and 31 feet across sidewalk to get to him at the gate. And, it's not safe for me, I've fallen a couple of times.

Anyway, Eric is here, a big note is on the mailbox .... and, if the mailman's in a good mood .... I'll have the package today.

I am really excited!

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