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Mattern Guide Service on Sam Rayburn & Palestine

Hello Everybody,

JOHN 3; Verse 17; For God sent not His Son(JESUS), into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.


Well Bass fishing has been awesome on Big Sam. The Lake is really low at 158.45. Alot of grass beds all over the Lake and Bass are concentrated on deeper structure also for some Buig Bass action.

Alot of Patterns working right now from shad patterned topwaters to spinnerbaits early. And Texas rigged creature baits and worms in watermelons and plums and redbugs working well.

Carolina rigged creature baits and worms also catching alot of Bass. Water temps have benn running 70-80"s and the water is in great shape from mid lake to Dam areas and creeks are off color some but still great fishing.

For a Guided trip e-mail me or call at 903-478-2633 or 903-724-1203.


Water is in good shape from mid-lake to dam. North areas are stained. Lake is about 1 foot below full pool. Water temps have been running 70-80's.

I have not been in Kickapoo or Flat creeks where as you know love to Guide in. I tore up 3 boats in the last 6 years taking clients in those areas.

Now I have a new Ranger I have been learning other areas on the Lake. So Those creeks are off limits from now on.

Old folks and areas from mid-Lake to Dam have been producing some great Bass action. Schooling Bass off main Lake points and the back of mid-Lake coves have been full of schoolies eating on shad.

Nichols spinnerbaits woked around grassy cover produced Bass up to 5 lbs. Texas rigged creature baits and worms worked around boat houses produced also. Good colors are Watermelons and Junebugs.

Carolina rigged E2 Baits Lizard in Watermelon will get you bit off Main Lake Points and do not for get the Mid-Lake Islands that have drops from 6 - 20 foot breaks with some real quality Bass on them.


On around September 3rd there was a Fish Kill on Fairfield with about 7400 fish killed. 53 percent of them were adult REDFISH. The rest were Gar,Catfish,Bream,and Crappie, and Bass.

I will not be Guiding for Redfish on Lake Fairfield this winter But I believe the Bass Population was not hurt enough to tell. As we get into winter I will be making Guided trips to Lake Fairfield for Bass only.

God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Special thanks to my sponsors:

RANGER BOATS; The boat Center- 903-825-2293
NICHOLS LURES: 903-589-8100
KISTLER RODS; 281-259-8033
PHANTOM TACKLE; phantomtackle.com
E2 BAITS; E2baits.com

Date Added: 2008-10-02Type of Fishing: CastingCharter Service Name: Mattern Guide ServiceEmail Guide or Angler: [email protected]Website URL: matterguideservice.fghp.comCaptains Name: Don Mattern Sr.Region You Fish: TexasBiz Phone: 903-478-2633


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