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Matagorda Report - 2004-05-23

Whats up yall. Its been a while since I posted anything here. Just went on the first fishing trip of the year. Here is my report...

Started off going to Galveston, near 91st Pier. The water there was brown, rough, and full of seaweed. The wind was strong (~15mph) coming from the south. We headed down to San Louis Pass to find the same conditions. Headed down to Surf Side, same thing. Headed down to Freeport, same thing. We got to Matagorda and the conditions were similar, though not as much seaweed and the beach is just over-all nicer. So we setup camp just after the 3 mile area about 2 hours before dark.
We coudln't keep any lines out for very long, so we waited to fish more till morning. Morning came and we tried to yak out a line, but the combination of the wind and high frequency of fairly strong waves prevented that. Any lines we casted out got tangled in weed or beached shortly after. Caught a few hard heads, but thats about it.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out, drinking beer, and catching crabs in the mouth of the Colorodo River.

It was a great trip over-all but no fishing action.

Pictures here: http://www.billism.com/pictures/Fishing%20Matagorda%20(2004-05-22to23)/
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