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Tomorrow is the last day for the public to make comments on the proposed filling of .92 acres of wetlands in Matagorda County. The new beach access road cannot be built unless these wetlands are filled. Once they are filled the new access road can be built. The next step would be to cut a hole through the dunes of Matagorda to access the beach. You would no longer be able to drive onto the beach at the entrance near the Colorado. The LCRA wants to close the 1st half mile of beachfront in Matagorda history and the approval of this road (the destruction of wetlands) is just the next step. I hope that all of you will take the time to send Thelma Janes a quick email letting her know whether you approve of this. In my opinion, no wetlands should be destroyed or mitigated, no dunes should be cut through in Matagorda. They already have the best access one can enjoy, so why mess with Mother Nature? Her email address is below and the deadline is 4pm tomorrow 6-3-04. 24 hours and ticking!

Thelma C Janes email address:

[email protected]

U.S. Army Corps Permit Application No: 23354
Of Engineers Date Issued: 3 May 2004
Galveston District Comments Due: 3 June 2004

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The applicant proposes to fill 0.92 acre of wetlands during the construction of a new beach access road.
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