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Started the hoilday weekend of heading to gorda. Got to the beach around six friday evening. Buckeye and his wife were alreay fishing. Got camp set up and yaked out two lines. That was my first mistake. They were quickly taken down the beach by weed and current. This would stay the same for the rest of friday. The wind picked up over night making conditions even worst saturday morning. The weed was as thick as carpet on the beach. I tried to hold a bait but no amount of weight, braided line or angle would work. Willbo and crew were down the beach and having a few problems of their own. So after a quick bite at lunch I paddled out a few hundred yards up current and drift fished out of the yak. Did this for about two hours with no luck. We pack up and headed home saturday evening.

Did not fish sunday, but Buckeye called around three to tell me that he was camped at high island and had caught three bull sharks around 50" and a 4' black tip.

Monday morning met up with Steelersfan and first tried a wade at High Island, but the water and waves were not in our favor. Picked up and headed down the beach to the wreck at bolivar. We were fishing with live shrimp and salty dogs. In the second gut were some small fish, not sure of species. They were eating every bait that hit the water. Decide to wade further out to try to get out of them. Had to swim to the next bar and Steelersfan picks up a dink trout on the first cast. I got to the bar and was getting nailed every cast. Started catching small blues. They were fun but not what we had in mind. I was dragging a shrimp on the bottom when I get a good hit. Set the hook hard and it does not move. This is not good we are in neck deep water and I just stuck a hook in a very large and now very mad stingray. I keep pressure on him and finally get him of the bottom, he starts to circle us. Round and round we go, texas two stepping with a ray. He goes around us about five times and sits back down. I freeline my reel and swim back to the next bar. Start to drag him away from Steelersfan and toward the beach. Finally get him to the beach and cut his stinger off and let him go.
About a two and half foot ray

Head back to High Island where Buckeye is sit up and he is dragging in a sharpnose. I run a few baits out. Whole trees and lots of trash was starting to wash in from the rains. Made it hard to keep lines out. Went most of the day with no action. Had a few pick ups, but missed them. Buckeye left around four,I was dragging my 9/0 in around five and knew it felt heaver then it should. I had roped a blacktip. I guess hooking him was to easy. He had both cable drops in his mouth and the hooks had caught the mono and wrapped around his tail. Got him to the beach and took a very quick pic, The leader made a few marks around his dorsal and tail. He was a little wore out but swam off after a few minutes of walking.

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Hey TJ

Ya'll left too early!! Sunday brought less weed and the current had slacked up enough to keep some lines out. We didn't get started until late that day and only fished the outgoing tide most of the afternoon. No fish, although Randall had a couple of runs. I am certain the morning tide would have produced.

The 4-wide stayed out for 3 hours with a stingray that came back untouched. :headknock

One thing was for certain, it was **** blistering HOT! Maybe we'll tear 'em up on the next trip... I know the Marauders are past due!


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willbo said:
One thing was for certain, it was **** blistering HOT!
I'd say that pretty much covers Saturday too... I'm nursing the sunburn to prove it! I need to change my name from "Dolphin Girl" to "Lobster Lady" or something!

Had a great time meeting up with you and your friends. Randall and "The Chad" kept us in stitches even after you moved on down the beach.

See ya'll next time!
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