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Matagorda Beach Cleanup

After going to Matagorda this past weekend I am taking the first step in organizing a massive beach cleanup effort one of the last 2 weekends in September. The place is a MESS Guys.

I hope to pull in as many clubs as possible here. I am taking this very serious, and would appreciate if you Guys did the same. Currently, I'm attempting to contact the County Commissioner of pct 2 (The one who is responsible for the beach) in order to pull in some county support for us such as places to dump debris.

If you can not go, I would appreciate you voting the same. In my opinion, being involved in events such as this shows participation in the club, and being involved with the community. Basically, this is a good opportunity to do something that impacts you and your Kid's future.
We are a fairly self-sufficient bunch, and do not expect there to be much required of us other than the County to acknowledge and pledge support for the cause.

Anyone who has the time to get involved with planning let me know, I do not plan on doing this by myself.

If anyone can ramp this up with any sponsors, that would be cool.

I don't plan on making this into something great this time around, but would really like to do something positive for this place.

Will be starting a thread to discuss all of this.



What do yall think?
Who would be willing to help out?
Anyone here help with Billy's clean up that can give us some pointers?

We are looking at september 22nd or 29th

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I've been real tempted to sends some pictures to Ron Paul's office. If I could ever remember to bring the camera, I would. I'm sure CNN would be excited to show how well he takes care of Texas beaches.

I can't believe how bad it is in Sargent.
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