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...To all those who offered their suggestions on where to take the CHL course. Steve Mountain and I wound up going out to Al Trug's and you guys that recommened him did not exaggerate one bit! I enjoyed the day and Steve and I are now (pending state approval) ready to pack. :D

Al is quite a character and now that I have spent the day in his class, some of the comments y'all made make a lot more sense. We all behaved our selve fairly well so the didn't have to get too rough but I did notice, when we got out on the range, that his level of seriousness went up a couple of notches.

I appreciate that no one mentioned Al's dogs. It was a nice surprise. A singing dog has a way of getting your day off to a good start. They are some cute pups!

Again, I thank you all for the input. It was a great experience. And Steve, it was a pleasure shooting with you today, we'll have to go pop a few sometimes. :)
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