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Mansfield w/ SAfisher

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Drove down to harlingen for the weekend with the family/inlaws on friday and was pleasantly suprised at the invite to fish with nick on the glacier bay I towed back for him a few months ago. This was to be the "shake down" run.

We met up in the rain in mansfield at 7:15 and decided to wait for the swarm(mansfield bayfishermen) to leave the dock and for the storm to pass by. Had some breakfast at maggies, which was great BTW. Anyhow, our group headed out to the docks at about 8:30 ready to fish all day.

While headed out we discovered that the port engine would not run right for some reason. Shut it down for almost the rest of the day and decided to keep truckin out to at least the liberty ships. The seas once we broke the jetties were not too bad 3' with some 4s mixed in. The glacier bay had no problem with it even though we were only making 10 knots(tops). Anyhow, we kept on out to the lib ships and trolled the whole way out, caught a few kings, my favorite(ha). Also lost a jethead, that was following my bird, to a strike of an unknown, it is hard to tell if it is a stike or not sometimes with the bigger lures/reels. Anyhow, we got situated on the wrecks and started catching fish immediately as we dropped down. We continued on with this for a few hours till we had our fill. We brought to the boat 3-4 really large blacktips pushing 200lbs, alot of snaps including an 18' lane, 3 rockhind, 2 dogfish, 1 spade fish, 1 trigger fish and a partridge in a pear tree.

Anyhow, we pull up anchor and start the journey back in at 14 knots with a trailing see that laid down nicely into some 3' rollers. Then all the sudden the starboard engine alarm goes off, *** is what I though and what nick(safisher) said. I guess it didnt mean much cause we got back in to the jetties just fine. Once we got into the jetties, nick said F it and had enough and cranked up the port engine and gunned it. To all of our suprise, it ran us in perfectly for the last 9 miles. Freakin boats. Anyhow it was a good day on the water with nick, his buds and my boy. I only took one picture cause I was busy fishing this time around. I think we have a couple of good dock shots with the bigest shark. didnt bother with the mixed back pics I dont think. Nicks friend has them so maybe he will email them to me or something a little later.

Thanks for the invite, cant wait till next time.

Oh yea, thanks for the new boat in my drive way. :)
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I have now fished the last 3 otu of 4 weekends. what a month. I got lucky on this one cause I was having to be at the inlaws anyhow, down in hell, errr, I meant harlingen. Mansfield is only 30 minutes away. How convinient.
Harlingen Rules, Bro!

Glad to hear you got out. Sounds like a good trip even with the SNAFUs. Bill Fisher was telling me about your SuperSized wahoo with him.

Did you keep any of the big blacktips? Those things are good eating. I still haven't gotten one of them.

When are you going to run your boat out of P.A.?
Sorry to hear about the engine troubles on the shake down cruise, but I guess that is what a shake down is for. Sounds like you made the most of it and caught some decent fish.

Thanks for the report.
Sounds like fun.

I bet that 18' Lane was a real hoot....;)
my son was catching most of the fish on my rod including the lane snapper, he enjoyed it. He got a rockhind, 2 snappers and the spadefish also. He thought he was the man. :) I am sure the engine probs are nothing more than some fuel filter issues.
Pictures & report from day 2 (w/o Argo unfortunately)

We went out on Sunday also. Both engines ran perfectly (2000 twin 150 Fichts). We went North and limited out on Snapper, back to the dock by 1PM. The 2 blacktip sharks we kept on Sat. were fun to catch and were hooked on top- big hits and splashes. Sunday instead of lots of sharks around the boat we had lots of Porpoise They were active, jumping, slappin gthe water w/ their tails and blowing smoke rings from thirty feet down. You could see them dwon there and hear tham exhale sharply then a perfect circular ring of air would rise up through the water- very cool.

Jay, Argo, his son Mathew and Neil were fun to fish with.



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Sorry re the pics above, that was a crappy January day w/ Dolphin & snapper to 18#s.
Sounds like a good shake down run. 18 inch Lane is a good one. That's a nice bonus fish.
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