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Mangrove Snapper (POC)

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Anyone else catching mangrove snapper in our bay systems. Never thought there would be so many of these snapper so close to port. Fishing this weekend out of Port O'Connor, actually within site of POC, we caught well over 30 of these pesky little critters from 6"-12". They sure do fight for a small fish. We ended up taking enough home for supper, man they sure are tasty. Not sure why TPWD does not have any type of regulation on these species of snapper.
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From the TPWD website:

Why not set a bag limit for mangrove snapper? Sometimes fishermen in the Port Isabel area bring these fish in by the dozens.

Thank you for your comment and question posted to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. web page. Your concern over mangrove snapper (also called gray snapper) is appreciated and shared by biologists. Gray snapper are most commonly caught by anglers on the southern Texas coast as this fish is generally considered to be tropical in range. Because of this it is managed as a marginal species in Texas. Management efforts such as bag and size limits may have minimal effect in improving the fishery because annual meteorological conditions likely play the largest role in gray snapper production.

Additionally, the life history of gray snapper makes it difficult to manage. Adult fish occur offshore in the Gulf while juveniles occur in the bay and near passes. Most of the adult population actually occurs in waters under federal jurisdiction and are covered by Gulf of Mexico federal bag and size limits. Those regulations are minimum length of 12 inches and bag limit of 10 in an aggregate of several species of snapper (not including red, lane, or vermillion). More information on federal rules can be found at www.gulfcouncil.org.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. routinely monitors gray snapper and other species through our resource monitoring program and harvest monitoring program. Data collected through these programs aid fishery managers in determining if changes in the fishery merit adjustment in the management strategy.

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