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mahi mahi spearing video from today, San luis pass

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we ended up with 9 of them today.
a couple pretty nice bulls but this is the only one i got a video of. shot my biggest almaco jack to about a ten pounder. its a new camera and i no i suck sorry. but its still pretty cool.
im going out again in the morning.i will post a report on it tommorrow.
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thats an awesome video!!!! Thats a ton of dolphin
Pretty cool. Did you find them under a weedline or what?
nice video keith. I got some under water flash lights for night diving.
Very cool! I have done that only once but didn't have a video camera. Great job!

that is one fine video! I like to check out this board because, spearing looks and sounds like one hellova time. some of the fish you guys bring in are amazing. I have never been there but getting to see that makes me want to go out and buy a spear.
Very nice video.
Question: What is that background noise?

Question2: What type of camera do you use to record?

thats the camera making noise.I just got the cheapest one i could find. I dont even know what brand it is. i dont have it with me, its on my boat. I works real good for the money. I need to figure out how to put my music on it. you dont need sound underwater anyway. does anybody know how to add your own music? where can i get the stuff i need to do that?
I use Video Editing software (Pinnacle) which came with a card that I plugged into my motherboard. Many new cameras come with a USB type port to upload to the computer where you can then use a variety of software to edit the video, including adding fades, music, sound effects, and removing unwanted noise.

That is pretty cool. Do you have the camera in a housing?

I noticed that CVS pharmacy 'had' a video camera that looked like a disposable camera, and I thought about using an underwater disposable camera housing to record video.
ya it was apackage deal from some online diving shop
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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