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Haute Pursuit said:
riflescopes.com, gunbroker.com, gunsamerica.com and ebay

You can also get a pretty good deal at one of the gunshows for a lightly used one... you can still send it in for maintenance to Leupold if there is ever a problem. There customer service is top-notch! Here is another really kewl scope if you are not set on Leupold... two of the guys on my lease have bought them and I am going to get one for my 220Swift soon... muelleroptics.com These scopes have fantastic optic quality for the money. Good luck!
I have the Mueller Tactical 4x16x50 on my 22-250. Every bit as good as my Luepold!

Also Trout why can't he find a price on a VX III 6.5x20x50 Long range target model?
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