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Lower Galveston Bay 6/10

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Made a solo trip today, and fished lower galveston with a light wind this morning. Arrived at the first spot at about 5:45 am armed with Live shrimp and croakers. I was done fishing at 7:30am with a solid limit of trout between 20-25 inches and 2 reds one at 25 1/2 and the other at 27. What a morning the trout hit croakers and some shrimp, and the reds were off shrimp. I tried to finish the red limit but could not the trout were in there thick. I had no trout caught, under 20 inches. I left them biting. Off the water at 8 am


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LOWER WHAT... East or west lol...

oh ok, dont tell lol

Im thinking about hitting the surf after the TLA weigh in

Good job Troutman! Sounds like you hit it just right!
You want to fish in my work's fishing tournament? LOL!! With results like that we are sure to win.
Nice haul!!!
nice catch Mike...I see you made it out, how'd you get on the water???

Went out wading there Chris. No boat! A friend had been catching them in this area all week, so had to check it out
No way! Wading??? No boat?? Tell me

Now that is a catch that doesn`t happen offten. (for me at least)
Nice stringer Troutman! I bet that was fun as heck! Nice job :)
hey they don't call him troutman for nothing...he's a trout magnet ;)
All over 20?? That third one looks barely 15 in. Great day otherwise!
scobey33 said:
All over 20?? That third one looks barely 15 in. Great day otherwise!
Everyone wants to be a game warden.

Till they see what the pay scale is!
15 inches

He is pretty good by looking at a picture if he can tell!! He should apply for being the official 2cool internet fishing game warden. He has my vote. OK he was 19 7/8. you got me LOL
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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