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Hey there, 2cool family.
I will be heading to Palacois from New Orleans for a few days in February (19-22) and I wanted to do a little freelance fishing trip while out there. I have fished East Matagorda a few times with guides (Brett Sweeney, Lee Wamrke, Forrest Hollister) but I wanted to try and do some wading for big trout by myself this time. My plan was to wade cuts and coves along the SE shoreline from hog island past oyster farm drain. I may try to wade some of the mid-lake reefs as well depending on the wind. Is this a good idea for this time of year?

I am mostly worried about navigating the lake and returning home without oyster rash and with a lower unit. I have read through some old threads and there does not seem to be a consensus for what maps/recommendations are best. I figured I could launch at Matagorda Harbor, take the first cut into east matty off the ICW, and head to the SE portion of the bay. My plan was to stay far from shore and to use the trolling motor to get into some of those pockets.

I am not looking for exact spots as I actually enjoy the hunting process but I do not want to do anything stupid or just sit in unproductive water the whole time. Thanks for any insight and I would be more than happy to return the favor with intel if you any of you ever want to fish Louisiana. Hell, you could come fish with me certain times of the year.
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