Up for sale are quite a few really good fishing casting rods/reels, the majority of them have seen some action but they are all in good shape and ready to go. All the guides are solid and I’d take any of them with me in a heartbeat on a trip and not think twice. The prices are listed at the end of each item.

Lot 1 (left to right)

7’6” Kistler Telescoping Flipping Rod Special ½ - 1 ½ oz $50
7’3” Temple Fork Outfitters GTS Heavy Action $60
7’2” Falcon Lowrider Cajun Baby Flipping Stick Heavy (seen minimal use) $60
7’6” Carrot Stix Wild ⅝ - 2 ½ oz $45
7’2” Skeet Reese Jig/Worm Fast Action ¼ - 1 oz $45
7’ St. Croix Premier Med-Mod Action Glass Cranking $45
7’6” Bass Pro Telescoping Med $40
Wood Lighting Line Gas Composite material

Lot 2 (left to right)

7’0” American Rodsmith Magnum Bass Rod MH $20
6’6” Allstar Classic ¼ - 1 ½ $20
6’6” Falcon Original Med Hvy $20
7’ American Rodsmith Limit Stix Carolina Rig Rod Med Hvy $40
7’ Lews American Hero Speed Stick Med Hvy Fast $20
7’ Skeet Reese Tessera Spinnerbait/Worm Med Fast $45
Wood Shotgun Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Metal Human leg


Lews Mach 2 Left Hand 7.5:1 $75
Automotive tire Tire Camera accessory Bicycle part Rim

Hand Pneumatic tool Automotive tire Handheld power drill Drill

Abu Garcia Revo Orra Winch 5.4:1 $50
Car alarm Automotive lighting Finger Wood Sports equipment

Camera lens Bicycle part Finger Reflex camera Point-and-shoot camera

Camera lens Camera accessory Bicycle part Cameras & optics Drilling

Total price $635, WILL SELL THE WHOLE LOT FOR $500.

Will be pick up FTF in the Tomball/Magnolia area.