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inspect it thoroughly. I worked at a motorcycle salvage yard for about a year and when people tell you theyve been laid down lightly, theyre often not telling the truth. look around the bracket that holds the upper fairing on around the headlight and the windshield. look at the paint on the welds on that bracket and look for cracking paint and or rust on them......if you see rust or cracks on those welds, then its been down harder than hes describing. if all the plastics line up nicely and they all have the factory screws holding them in, then hes probably telling the truth. in which case, id get him down to about $3500. get online also and look at what needs to be done at the service intervals for that mileage before you do it.....it may be time for a head and valve job.......could be costly. you can get 50k out of that motor though without a major rebuild.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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