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Look what I done did. Joined the crowd.

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I know there are some motor heads in here who can relate.
Been wanting one since I was young(er). 23 now, figured I'd get it now and get it paid off quick.

Thought I'd share.

I bring you my '09 Dyna Fat Bob.

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be safe i had one in san fran and alost got ran over 3 times--have fun be safe they do not see u--ride with as many other riders as u can--there is safty in numbers--and yes its a very cool ride
very nice sled.i bet it sounds soooooo good.if you get some pipes for it get a set of vance and hines,its worth te money.
Nice ride! Get some of the smoke turn signal lenses, dark grey when not on, same yellow when turning, 40 bucks looks good with the blacked out look. I have a blacked out fat boy, you will like the Vance and Hines pipes too!

Ride alive! Stay that way!

My brother in law has some Rineharts on his hog. They sound good. I want a little exhaust but I hate really really loud exhaust.
Very nice!! Welcome to the family!

Keep it in the smooth grooves!
It has the feel of a Russell Mitchell custom from Exilecycles. That is a beautiful ride. Congrats!!
I do like those Dyna Fat Bobs, but then again I like them all.
Hope you enjoy!!
I ride a 2001 Fat Boy, 107ci, 115hp,112ftlb tq, built and wrenched on by ME only!
It's fast, fun and best of all, paid for!
Good job. Buy your toys now while you still have the money!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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