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pelican said:
You gotta a greenie ... and ya can get on my tail anytime. :rolleyes:

edit: uh, that reply was for Bay Gal, not you, Wes ... :slimer:
Bob, glad you clear that up.......LOL

Congrats on 3K and I can't wait for the next 3,4, 5........50K

BTW I just realized that I had rolled over the 2K mark and didn't even notice so watch out I'm catching up.

You must spread some Reputation
around before giving it to pelican again.
IOU - Bounty Hunter owes Pelican one Greenie

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No chance in He77!!!!!!! Gary has that one all sewed up. :cop:
The 1st 3000 have been a treat. Looking forward to the next. Dam. Looked my post count. 900+ since the doors opened. Been feeling chatty lately. Another 30-40 years and I'll be there. :cheers:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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