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"Look and Leave Policy" Suspended

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I just saw that the "look and leave policy" was suspended indefinitely.
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I have a house in Hackberry ( not to hijack, but tell how someone else did it), they still aren't letting anyone in. During Rita, it was a couple weeks until we were let in for one day two weekends in a row. During that time, they got water on, roads cleared ( passable, but VERY slow going) and hazards cleared. It was still pretty sporty, and there were NO services, and the sheriffs office made it stick pretty good. It's hard to take public safety seriously, if you open up the island to everyone.

Some of the people trying to "move back" are way ahead of schedule...... we were out of power for months, below the ICW, and most of Galveston will be the same. No water, power or sewer, it can become a health nightmare not to mention an environmental concern.

On the other hand, having been in that deal before, I understand how urgent the emotional need is to " get home". I know how much a picture or news of your community, street, house or neighborhood help, and if access isn't available, maybe the county and city could put up a web site with some pictures of the island. Prayers and hopes for the best to all who are going through this now,

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