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Ling leaders

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What is everyone using? Looking for leader strong enough for 80 pound ling. I have used light multistrand wire in the past, but wonder if people do fine with mono. Also, circle hooks or J--I lost one at the boat with a pulled hook (my fault and also a slow gaff man)
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60 -80 lb mono or fluorocarbon, and you should have no problems. Now keeping an 80 lber out of the rig or off the buoy anchor chain, different story altogether.
Agree with James, I use 80lb. Ande flouro on all my rigs and have never lost a fish due to the leader. Regarding hooks, it doesn't matter, you just got to get them to bite. On Saturday, we caught them using jigs with tails (these have single J-hooks), using plastic eels with J-hooks, we caught them on standard double rigged kingfish baits with first hook being J and second being treble. We even caught one on a standard trout croaker hook.
Caught one on a Storm Wild Eye silver shad. Hit as soon as the bait hit the water.
I catch them all the time on flat line with standard ribbonfish rig. For leader I use 80lb mono and have caught them on live perch alot also, on a amberjack style rig.
I usually use 50lb to 80lb mono or fluorocarbon with #7 J hook. This past Sat. one of my crew caught a 2lb Blue runner on a double drop and had a Ling follow it up. I grabbed another rod rig with a 1' steel leader and a j hook for King put the BR on and the ling took it, after 10-15 min. the 50-60lb ling was brought to gaff and in the box. He must have been hungry for most ling are very suspicious of wire and normally will not take steel.
Captfry said:
He must have been hungry for most ling are very suspicious of wire and normally will not take steel.
That has been my experience. Congratulations on the catch.

Thanks to all for the reports. Looks like I will use 60 pound flouro on 30 pound sufix tritanium plus or big game mono.
Caught 3 this weekend on 45 lb silver cable with J hooks.....well hooked 3 fish..caught 2 released one... lost one.
i use a hook on the end of my line only, ive caught a 50 a 70 a 72 and an 80lber thataway!!
Roundman, what pound line?

Thanks, Scott
i use andy 80 or i really like berkley big game 125
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