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We are slowly getting back to some measure of normal as the customers are trickling back in and more and more things come on line.

Saturday was scheduled to be a late day. I had to get up early to do the Saturday radio show on 870AM but almost had time to take a nap as I was scheduled to fish a trout trip leaving at about 8am.

I got to the dock a little early only to get a phone call from a contractor on the island. Seems that thier work had been pushed back and they were looking for some big fish options. Long story short, I handed the trout trip off to another one of our boats with the instructions for the offshore crew to be ready to roll in 45 minutes. Little did I know that this guy had to go back to the bar room to get the rest of the crew as they had been partying all night at one of the local hot spots.

As predicted we had been on an incredible open water bite that is typical of the fall season. I tried to scroung up a deck hand but could only find a chum cutter on such short notice and we were off.

We found the tuna about 42 miles to the SW of the boat slip after having crossed several little rips. Again they were in open water and busting baits. The good thing was that there were no sharks present, the bad thing was I had 5 tuna virgins on the boat that were still oozing alcohol and replacing it as fast as they were loosing it.

On the good side the tuna were hungry and aggresive. While fighting a steep learning curve all day, we were able to boat about a dozen blackfin and had hooks in at least 9 trophy sized yellowfin. There were several mishaps such as backlashed reels, drags being tampered with and at least 3 fish lost to the motors due to compromised motor skills. Of the 9 that we hooked we were able to boat two very nice yellowfin weighing 118 and 127.

I don't want to make it sound all bad as these guys were fun to fish with and they stuck with it all day. I just hate to think of the hurt that we could have put on these fish had they been at the top of thier game or had I had a more experienced mate on the boat to help out. We were hand feeding at least 20 of these bad boys at the height of the action.

Even with all that we were fighting, it was Mission Accomplished at the end of the day as once again, another crew had to scramble to the store to buy more ice chest to pack away all of thier meat.



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