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Man!!! Seeing that emerald green water and gin clear stuff on the flats near Port A, makes me never wanna get me feets wet in the brown of galveston bays again. Why can't we be blesssed with water that beautiful here.....

Three of us fished the LHL area satuday morning running from a massive thunder head for the better part of an hour (just after sun up). The bait was jumpin' and active. Water clarity was super...wind was up..but managable. As soon as we crossed the channel, we came into contact with a HUGE school of feeding specks. Threw a salt/pepper/chart TTK and immediatley had two dink specks on. Never did manage to hook up any keepers, but I'm sure they were there. I did try topwater action with several blow-ups, but no takers. The other two in my party paddled further into LHL and began a slow wade...no success.

About an hour later we went back across the channel into B&R flats area and chased tailin' reds in the marsh for another couple of hours. All we caught were undersized...but at least we were able to find em'. It was a good confidence booster.

So...final tally....2 dink specks, 12 rat reds, numerous lost oppurtunities, and a piggy perch on gold spoon. We fell in love with the area (rockport/Port A). Can't wait to go again.

I'll post up the complete weekends report soon. Let's just say that with the tropical wave that blew threw saturday night/sunday morning...we had ample time to kill a few brews.
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