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I had the pleasure of particpating in the Lake Lewisville "Take a Soldier Fishing" event on Saturday. What an awesome event! This was a really great experience for me to take these guys out. I was lucky enough to get the only three guys that wanted to go catfishing. My new friends and hereos Jeremy, AJ and Eddie had a blast. They finished the morning putting 43 keeper channel cats in the box in about 4 hours fishing with Secret 7 in shallow water. No big fish, but the steady action of bites and fish coming in the boat kept them pretty busy all morning.

I want to thank all of those that helped put on such a great event and a thank you to Jeff with Team Catfish for the caps, Secret 7 bait and catfish tackle for the guys to take home. They were fired up about being able to try some of the bait in their favorite fishing hole back home. I highly recomend to others to participate one of these events in the future. For more information visit: www.takeasoldierfishing.com

Here are a few photos from Saturday.


Doing Battle with a Channel Cat



Team Catfish

The Day's Catch
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