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I received this from a friend whos son is Iraq. Thought I would pass it along as to let yall know how much these fine service folks do enjoy packages from home. Please when you go to bed tonight say a little prayer for the folks that are there protecting our freedom.


Well I have been in Iraq for a little over a month...that is in our area


operation...and I have quite a few things I would like to share with you


but cannot due to security issues, I however would first like to thank


of those wonderful people out there who are deliberately praying for me

daily....you do not realize how much help and support you all can


be in the rear by just saying a few words before you hit the rack to our

Heavenly Father on my behalf. Thank you a million!

Also I would like to double thank those who have taken the oppurtunity


take some time out of their busy schedule and write me or send me

packages...i gaurentee you all that every thing is being put to use... a

million thanks squared.

The weatehr out here is begigning to become pretty chilly and the first


the rains are just now passing through our AO. I was plesant to see the


again however with the fine sand out here it causes problems .....more

thanyou would think.

I have gotten over the two week long cold i have been sufferring from so

praise God for that....we have also gotten into this rotationthing which

allows us to get more than a few hours of sleep a night.....

One of our mail truck burnt to a crisp and i just now recieved a package

from my tia and tio in OK that had some extra smoked beef jerky in


some of your letters and things may have been lost in the flames...

Things are getting intersting here with the upcoming election in the

states....vote for bush....and the not so far wawy elections here in

Iraq...so we will see what happens

I am doing good...prolly losing alot of muscle out here because when i


not on patrol or in the field or sleeping i am trying to keep up with


from my faithfull friends and family back in the rear...keep em


not much time for gym or work outs......

Someone asked if we can go into the city on our days off....well sure if


wanna end up on CNN with a bag around your head you can...just


cant leave the base plus you wouldnt want to this place makes our

poorest of

cities look like resorts......pray for these people

I got to take a picture with some Iraqi women and children last patrol


brought such strong emotions to my heart because we are taught to hate


bad people and it is so hard to distinguish one from the other and the


is many people love us here and would give what little they had to help

support us but those people's good intentions are clouded by the evil


of a few wicked......the kids are so cute here plus i spotted my first



Well I am off so i send my love and appreciation for everything you all


doing out there, every email, not or package filled with....beefjerky,

tiolet paper, laundry detergant, dry foods or canned goods..hint

hint....really makes a difference in my morale outhere...miss you and


you all....Houston be ready cause when I get back it is on like donkey


Semper Fidelis

Michael G Kobiljak LCpl

United States Marine Corps 0621


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Prayers on the Way

Bro. Thank you so much for being a part of our armed forces and helping bring peace to our world! Can't thank you enough! May God Bless you!
P.S. Prayers on the way bro.!!!
Mr. M
Wharton, TX
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