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Lets Talk About Trinity Bay!

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This thread is for everything Trinity. I will start by saying the debris is clear enough to get back on the water. You should still be careful. Thomsons boat ramp is open but it is pretty damaged. I talked to the guy who lived on the property, he said he lost everything and he didn't have insurance so he deserves some prayer, at least give him a beer if you see him there. The spillway has been overfished the last 2 weeks so people are doing OK there at best.

Many are getting out their binoculars and chasing birds for specks and doing very well. Be sure to watch your depth as well as debris in the bay. I did great on redfish over the weekend I released well over my limit of fish south of the spillway on the shoreline using a MirrOLure catch 5 in a goldish color. I also saw a few small tarpon :eek: which were out of the question for my 10lb mono.

Broke a bunk on my trailer so I wont be out for a while, but when I do I will be heading out with some 20# braid next time to get some better hooksets and maybe jack with a tarpon, if I see one, because I have never caught one before.

Capt. Kyle

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Mary, who owns the lazy pelican, has live shrimp. She is on 563 just north of Anahauc. I fished yesterday morning out of Ft. Anahauc with limited success.Had one 21 and one 32 inch red and a lot of small specks and reds. I mainly target flounder, but did not have any luck on them. If you put in on the river side, watch out for the big lizards. I had two come out from under the walkway at the boatramp to say hello. A little freaky when you are out there by yourself. The water in the river looks really black right now. I hear it is because of all the dead vegitation. Fall flounder for me may not be very good this year.
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