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Thanks to Backlash I have the phone cable buried out to the workshop and to Grayfish and others, for the advice on a surge protector which arrived today and will hopefully be operational Friday morning. Now I need to decide on a 2-line cordless speaker phone for the 'office'. I'd appreciate your opinions/suggestions on the 5.8 vs. the new 6.0 DECT (or other options) phones. Spent some time this afternoon at Fry's, Best Buy and Circuit City but didn't find any 6.0 2-line phones. I'll be searching the net here shortly but one of the folks at the Fry's said the 6.0 doesn't have as much roaming range as the 5.8. Any truth to that?
Some specs --- 2-line, base unit with keypad and speaker, cordless with speaker and headset capability.
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