For sale is a Lee Value Press in like new condition. Recently I purchased the Lee Loadmaster so this press is for sale.
I have loaded 380 Auto, 9mm, and 300 Blackout on this press with no issues.
The head rotates through 4 stations that allow depriming, powder charge, bullet seating and crimp using a factory crimp die.
Included in this sale is an extra 4 hole turret head. Also, I have designed and 3d printed a mounting bracket for a couple of LEDs to provide some extra light on the work area. I have a power supply that is included. I will also include some extra LEDs that can be used as spares, or add them to the bracket for even more light. They are prewired so it is a simple matter of connecting them to the connector where the first two are wired up.
No reloading dies or shell holders are included in this sale.
Any manufacturer dies that use the 7/8-14 thread can be used with this press.
Available for local pickup or meet somewhere in the Houston/Galveston area.
I can ship, but would rather not.
Ask if I have any spare range brass. I might be able to accommodate with some.

Note: I might be interested in a trade for this press. I am thinking about converting my AR from 300 BLK to 9mm. I would consider either a complete 9mm upper or a 556/223 upper Tire Automotive tire Light Wheel Crankset
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