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LED flounder light

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Just got my first of two led flounder lights put together. Thanks to LaddH for letting me borrow one of his that he made a couple of sundays ago to see if id like it better than my lantern. I DO!!!
Its much brighter, lighter and the underwater light makes the flounder profile stick out like a sore thumb. I know there are many like it but i made mine a little different with a waterproof push button switch and fully integral wiring. Now all i need to do is sand it down, prime it and paint it black. If you guys havent tried floundering "a pie" (on foot), its very fun and peaceful. My dad started taking me when i was about six, gigging with a coleman single mantle red lantern with tin foil on the globe and a clothes hanger with a piece of water hose on it for a handle...i was recently using a coleman northstar but this light blows lanterns out of the water! I used an interstate rechargeable agm emergency light battery for power. I bought enough materials and batteries for two of them. Let me know what you think!
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Ill get better pics tomorrow during the day. They are 1000 times better underwater because the light spreads more.

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Looks awesome bro. I have been thinking about trying to make a couple, where did you get the lights from?
The button looks super bright though, but I guess you won't be looking straight down.
Thumb over it. Its not as bright as it looks. Leds from oznium.com. I found some other plans for a similar light here...

Looks good, Mac! How much did they cost you? Want to build me a couple? Are those underwater pics?
Ya ive been checking out fishinglightsetc.com, but that light you got is crazy bright.
$50 for lights and switch, $50 for the rest. The rechargeable batteries are the way to go.
Those arent underwater, its at work on caliche gas well pad. Underwater makes a world of difference. I built this one at work today, i love my job!

You wear crocs to work Mac? LOL
Safety man never shows up on night shift...i just wait in the truck for a text message alarm if anythings going to explode or over flow. I run a tight ship during the day and keep every thing running right so its all good! Wish they made steel toe crocs

Dats what I'm talking about!!!!! Very Nice Mac! Thanks for sharing...Dip
I think they look great for sure tks for showing.
Looks very cool. Can you get some picts of your setup in the day light? Also, any chance you can list what parts you bought for the light and switch?

I need to make one of those myself before too long.
I haven't tired floundering on foot yet, If ya get that second one built let me know I'll buy it from ya. Will give me an excuse to get out of doing this kitchen remodel :D

I like your led flounder light,but IMO gigging is not the right fishing and you are very good fisherman so you can catch flounder with the rod.



This is my light to catch flounder night under light on jig ( in the picture is my friend BILL BATSON-www.batsonentrprises,com-at ROLLOVER PASS) :


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Thanks to LaddH for letting me borrow one of his that he made a couple of sundays ago to see if id like it better than my lantern. I DO!!!

You're welcome Mac! I am glad you liked it enough to copy it. Good luck with it.
Second the request for daytime pics and maybe some more information to those that want top build one?
Smack where did you get the lights from and the switch
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