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Leavin in the mo'nin

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Well, the time has come for Stick (Gab) to put it all on the line. We leave around 6a.m. for Colorado Springs National Swim Competition. I'm a little nervous about flying again...ever since 9/11. I know that sounds weird especially since I have been around the world literally in planes.

Well, here is to my little Stick. I'm so proud of this girl it makes me cry. She swims her heart out everyday and she is at this level of competition only because of her own perserverance. BTW, she just got through competing at State again and has qualified again for Nationals 2009!!!!!

Here's to you baby girl!!!! I love you and go get em.

A special thanks again to those who helped her team get there!!!



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Go get 'em Gab! We'll be rooting for ya....

Mike, make sure to get to the airport in plenty of time to get through the security. The alert is orange right now.
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Good Luck and God Bless Ya'll.
Goooooooooo STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike, you got that "Eye of the Tiger" cd? After a couple of hours of that on the way up there tell her if she doesn't do good you're playing it all the way home! LOL Good luck Stick... you go get'um!
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SHow em who's boss Stick! Swim hard and give it your best. We'll be pullin for ya!
I have flown 7 times (14 if you count the roundtrip aspect) since April and everything is fine! We arrived one hour early for domestic flights and that was more than enough time. Just make sure you don't have the swimming pool in the carry on and you'll be fine!!! Just read the guidelines from the airlines and it's all good.

Good luck in the pool and God Bless you all.
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Good luck Gab !

Give it all ya got.

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