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Late Choc Bayou report from sunday

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Fished Choclolate sunday... late start on the watere @ around 7:30am... Very stained water and very high tide... Bait was scattered everywhere. Tons of bait!!!

Picked up a few small trout to 14 or 15"'s. Tons of blow ups and misses... the fish would miss the plug by a foot on some cases. They loved the spook Jr on tope and root beer/white tails over shell.

funny thing is the shorlines and marshed had no fish.. I figured the reds would be all in the grass... didnt see sign of any.

left the water at noon. i think we could have grinded fish here and there but they where VERY scattered.

Not to much debris in the water but there are some trees, piers and pilings to look out for... not too bad considering.
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