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Last chance for a tag

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Made one last effort to find the holly grail. Fished Seabrook/La porte area again looking for the Red hopefully with a tag. Was keying on slicks in the deeper water and managed to boat 5 and lost 2. All were in the slot one was 29".
Switched to pumpkinseed today and it seemed to pay off. Retrieve was the same, very slow bouncing on the bottom. Moved around allot looking for slicks. In closed I did find a few schools of sand trout. Though top water only sporadic with no takers.
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Nice report. Try to resize your pics so we can get the full image. Goto www.irfanview.com and download the program. Resize to 640. See if that works. Thanks for the report.
he's taking the pics with his right hand, that's as much as the camera caught. nice to hear the reds are on. i know a few guides that only throw pumkin seed/chart no matter what the conditions.
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