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This came up while browsing... refractive window, color of clothing (mullet pattern camo?), no smoking while fishing,....... LMAO

“Fascinating Book makes Trout Fishing enjoyable again…

“At Last! A Proven Method For
Catching Trout Every Time You
Go Fishing!”

“And it’s dead easy to learn. Read on to discover how the skills
and methods used by Hunters are astonishingly effective for
catching fish. You really can catch a bag full on every trip!”

Nick Anikijenko
Friday, 3:52 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you are sick and tired of coming home from fishing trips empty handed, having to eat fast food instead of delicious steamed trout, then this will be the most important message you read today.

Let me tell you why:

There is more to fishing than you might have first thought. To be more precise, there’s more to the fish themselves and how they think, than you would have ever even considered.

Understanding How Fish Think Is
The Key To Successful Fishing!

Admittedly this message is quite long, but by the end of it you’ll have discovered more secrets to fishing for trout than you can poke a rod at. It will be worthwhile for you I promise.

But I should introduce myself first. My name is Nick Anikijenko, and I have been an angler now for 23 years. At the tender age of 10 I made my first cast and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.

I’ve done it all from bay fishing to stream fishing, but it was 11 years ago that I was introduced to spinner fishing for Trout. I was hooked! -- I literally have not fished any other way since.

When I go out, I catch a fish on every single trip. In fact, I’ve nearly cracked-the-code on catching a trout with…

Every Single Cast!

I don’t have 100% success, but I’m **** close. Even the people I have taught have had incredible success. I recently went fishing with a good friend's wife, who had never even touched a rod before. She caught a trout on her very first fishing trip!

So I know what I’m doing. What’s really going to help you, is why I can get this kind of success. That’s what this website is really about. Helping you to get the same success when fishing for trout.

Like I said earlier, Trout Fishing really started for me about 11 years ago when my Father-In-Law took me out spinner fishing. And this was real spinner fishing, where you hike all day to different spots along a river.

It was fantastic, my idea of fishing heaven, except for one thing. You see, I have never had any trouble catching fish in the bay. And I loved the peace and tranquility of fishing along a beautiful river.

But it was much harder to catch a wild river trout!

I tried in vain for dozens of trips - testing different lures, trying different rivers, changing the color of the line â€" still no trout. Nothing to speak of anyway.

I was not used to this so I decided to do something about it. Going out into the bush like that reminded me of my days hunting wild boars. When you hunt for wild boars, and any other animal for that matter, you’ve got some set rules to follow if you expect to have any success at all. One of those rules stuck in my mind:

You Have To Know
How The Animal Thinks.

After many unsuccessful trout fishing expeditions, I was asking myself a lot of questions. It seemed unusual at the time, but I one day wondered if the rules for hunting would somehow help with Trout Fishing. The rules were obvious to hunters, but no fisherman I had ever met even mentioned that kind of thing in relation to fish.

So I hit the books.

I decided that I would understand how a trout thinks, and see if I could increase my chances of success. Being a fairly studious type of person, it didn’t take me long to devour every book I could get my hands on from the local bookstore and the library. Within a week I knew more about Trout than 99.9% of the world's population. And guess what happened on the next fishing trip…

Bingo! A Bag full of Trout!

And it seemed too easy. It was as if the world's tallest mountain had just became a speed bump. What was annoyingly difficult and frustrating was suddenly made simple. My studies had instantly paid off.

Understanding how Trout think, what scares them, what motivates them, when they feed, when they travel, and a host of other factors really is essential if you want to catch lots of fish consistently.

Luckily for you, I’ve captured the essence of my fishing expertise into a Book, which is titled “How To Catch A Trout Every Time â€" When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River.”

This book is quite literally the bible of Trout Fishing. If you’re new to fishing or semi-experienced, you’ll immediately improve your chances of catching fish each time you go after reading the book.

"Hi Nick,
First of all let me say thank you for writing a book devoted to fishing Trout using spinners.
... The best piece of advice I got from the present version of your book is to approach Trout fishing more like you do hunting. I hunt Whitetails here in Wisconsin and have been quite successful for several years now.
Applying these 'sneaking' techniques to Trout fishing has proven invaluable.
Dustin J."

There’s a host of great general fishing tips which are covered in the book:

  • Know when a Trout can see you! (You must know what the Refractive Window is and how you might be scaring the fish away.) p.15

  • Why the Monocular vision of trout could be costing you a catch. p.18
  • The color of your clothing matters! Learn what the best colors are so that you’re camouflaged from the fish. p.42

  • Learn the best times to fish for trout… THEIR FEEDING TIMES… Plus, learn how to catch them even outside their feeding times! (It’s a secret you must follow or you’ll get nothing.) p.24
  • Learn why trout are so sensitive to noise. (The noise of breaking twigs or nudging a rock consistently scares fish away!) p.21

  • How to maintain your fishing equipment for maximum longevity. p.51
  • Why having a cigarette while fishing can halve your chances of catching anything. p.22

  • The correct line color to choose for maximum success. p.57
  • Learn what the ideal conditions are to cause a feeding frenzy among Trout. (Unfortunately, if one factor is out of place they will literally starve themselves until everything is in place again.) p.24 to 29

  • Why keeping a fishing diary will explode your long-term fishing success. p.64
  • Know what the ideal water temperature is for Trout to feed. p.25 & 81

  • How to make the best choices on equipment. (There are over 40 separate tips from reels to sunglasses.) p.50 to 65
  • How to Identify Trout Rich Waters. p.30 to 36 & 71

  • Know when a Trout’s metabolism is in the normal range and therefore hungry! (When it’s low, they are sluggish and will not travel or look for food.) p.81
  • The 4 things you should do before you even unpack your gear beside the river. p.68

  • Learn the 3 primary concerns of a trout. (It’s not all that different to us humans!) p.30
  • How to locate where a trout is positioned in the water. p.36 to 41

That’s really just a taste of what is covered. Even if Trout isn’t your main game, the fishing principles covered in my 93 page book are guaranteed to improve your chances of catching a bag full.

"Hi Nick
First off all thank you for the book. I am not a book reader as such, but found your book of great interest and it has made me look at Trout fishing in a whole new light.
I found a lot of the topics with regards anglers mindset, water temperature, spinner selection, smell and taste, keeping a diary, saving the spinner, frustration and presentation techniques really useful and if I am honest I will admit I have not adhered to these topics until now so I will thank you for changing my attitude
As I am mainly a fly fisher I also feel that your book will enhance this aspect of my fishing as well...
Finally a great book well thought out, well written and would highly recommend to other fishermen if not just to change the way of thinking towards trout fishing well done!"
Nigel T.
Ps. let me know if you publish this as paper or hardback book (if you haven`t already) as i would buy one"

And for the serious Trout Angler who loves to fish with spinners and lures, here’s some more of what the book reveals:

  • How to identify the best waters to go spinner fishing in. p.69 to 71

  • Why it’s harder to catch trout in deeper pools! p.19
  • Learn why a shiny spinner used on a bright sunny day is almost guaranteed to catch you nothing. p.20 & 78

  • The relatively unknown tip of scenting lures to help attract trout. (Yes, smell is possible under water. It travels very well as water-soluble particles.) p.22 & 23
  • Learn what foods Trout love to eat. (This is crucial when selecting lures. Most lures are a complete waste or money but chosen correctly can double your catch chances!) p.26

  • Learn the art of “stream craft” which is to read different sections of the stream or river. p.30 & 77
  • Understand the different species of trout (Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Cutthroat) and how to quickly identify them. p.9 to 14

  • How to land a big trout! (There are some conditions that are essential.) p.39
  • Learn the number of casts you need to make in one area of the river before moving on. (It’s much less than you think and many anglers have wasted their time by not moving on sooner.) p.87

  • The secrets of casting and retrieval. (Upstream, Downstream, Bottom, Top, Slow or Fast. All the secrets revealed.) p.85
  • A comprehensive guide on spinner selection for different conditions. p.84 & 85

  • The best weight and size of your spinner to suit the river conditions. p.80
  • The right color and finish of the lure you select. (It depends on the brightness of the day and the clarity of the water.) p.78

  • The best water depth for spinner fishing. (If you go too deep you’ll never catch a Trout!) p.70 & 86
  • Discover why your mindset is your most effective weapon in catching trout. p.74 to 77

  • And many more!
"Thanks for writing such a fantastic fishing book Nick.
This is the first book I've come across which has included so much detail on trout behaviour - and after all, if you don't know how and why a trout reacts to your spinner, you are only catching them via sheer luck.

I love the practical techniques I can use to increase my catch"

-- Andy W.

How do you like those apples? If you’re at all interested in catching the maximum number of fish on each trip, then this book is a must have.

It’s really easy to get a copy. The book is in electronic format that downloads right to your computer. You can read it off the screen or print it out. Whatever you prefer.

To get this kind of knowledge would not normally be cheap. Even fishing courses cost over $450, and they don’t really teach you what you need to know so that you can be guaranteed to catch a fish every time. Books on Trout fishing can be as much as $80 - $100, and they’re usually good for the pictures but not so much the useful tips.

The cost of my book is only US$19.95. Because it’s a new book I wanted to make it an unbeatable deal so that plenty of people read it and get out there and start catching some serious fish.

"I once thought catching trout was only about selecting the right spinner and the right stream.
Having read your new book I've discovered dozens of specific tips that have improved my fishing success out of sight.
I doubt if one in a hundred trout anglers knows even 5% of the content that you cover in your new book.
I realize now that prior to reading the secrets in your book it was like fishing with one hand tied behind my back."
-- Eugene W.

It’s really not much to part with considering the immediate benefits that will come to you. But just in case you’re a little unsure for some reason, let me explain my guarantee to you.

You don’t risk one cent because you’re covered by my …

60 Day 100% Money-Back
No Risk Guarantee!

Order the book, and give it your own personal “test run”. Take a full 60 Days, and use it as your own. If you aren’t catching at least one trout on every single trip…or if for any other reason you’re not completely thrilled…simply send me an email directly… and I’ll rush you a complete refund of every cent. No questions asked. No hassle. No Delay.

So act now. Click below to order, right now, while you’re still fired up about how many trout you will catch on your next trip. Remember… you don’t risk a cent. And you get so much, it’s almost unbelievable.


Nick Anikijenko

P.S. I do expect to raise the price in the next month. It’s an introductory ‘steal’ at US$19.95 and it won't last at this price.

"I think this book should be renamed "The Trout Encyclopaedia"!
Covering everything from trout species to trout fishing etiquette, it is an easy read that provides a wealth of information. I have no doubt this will improve my ability to catch trout on my future fishing trips."
-- Dan B.

P.P.S. When you order, you’ll also receive a special bonus “Fishing Diary Template.” This will really accelerate your fishing success and is a must have for anyone keen on improving.
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