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My Wife and I fished Limestone for the 1st time Saturday, October 4th. Could not find a map of this lake anywhere so we went less prepared than we should have been. The water stayed around 77 degrees. Went to a cove on the east side and after about an hour, my Wife caught a 2.5# on a crawdad color shallow running crank bait about 20 feet off the shore in standing timber. I finally found some vegetation and caught a dink on a Rage Tail Toad. Those two fish would be the last sniff we would get all day. We tried more timber, some deep structure, a few boat docks, and any rip rap we could find. Nada.

I do not know if the lake was down but all of the coves we tried were just too shallow. I was very disappointed that you can't fish the dam although it looked to be all concrete or even dirt and not rock. The wind was stronger than I hoped for but it did provide a nice breeze to battle that hot sun.

I do not by any means profess to be a a great bass fisherman. I will have to blame our inability to catch on my lake of experience and preperation. I can definitely see the potential in this lake and we will be back some day soon.

Be safe,
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