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Time is growing short-there is only a few days left to pre-register online for the Lake Conroe Kayak and Paddlers Bass Tournament on June 10th! Online registration gets you a $5 discount on your tournament entry fee, but it's over Thursday night! You can, of course, register at either Captains meeting-either at 7:30 PM Friday night at Lochness Marina or at 6:30 at the same place Saturday morning. You can register online here.

I'm expecting a good turnout for this one-especially since there will be an article coming out in The Dock Line Magazine and in the Conroe Courier on Wednesday.

As for the concert after the tournament, we are expecting an overflow crowd, so you might want to think about bringing lawn chairs to sit in the grassy area, which is situated near center stage.

Visit the website for detailed information and forms. Please be sure to read the rules!
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