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DATE: June 23, 2006 13:59:18 CST
Incident Command Public Affairs
U.S. Coast Guard, CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Joint News Release Date: June 23, 2006

Contact: A. Shawn Trahan, CITGO (337) 708-6347

CWO Adam Wine, Coast Guard
(832) 293-1293 or (337) 708-8877
LAKE CHARLES, La. - The Calcasieu Ship Channel closing was expanded south to light 83, and north to the I-210 bridge, an extension of six miles, at noon today. The Intracoastal Waterway was also closed one mile east and one mile west from where it crosses the Calcasieu.

An estimated 15,000-18,000 barrels of oil leaked into the channel late Tuesday, and there are another 30,000 barrels of oil in the Indian Marais, CITGO's on-site drainage feature.

As of this morning, approximately 4,500 barrels of oil have been removed from the river, and a further 11,600 barrels were removed from the Indian Marais. A total of 57,900 feet of boom remain deployed, with vacuum trucks and skimmers actively working to recover oil.

Two birds were recovered from the river and cleaned of oil, but no other animals have been found to be affected at this time.

The cause of the spill remains under investigation. Clean up and containment operations continue on the east and west banks of the Calcasieu channel. The Unified Command is conducting continual on-site and aerial evaluations of the area.

As of this morning there are 15 ships waiting to depart and five ships waiting to come into port, with nine ships scheduled to arrive over the next five days. Facilities affected by the channel closure include: the Calcasieu Refinery, CII Carbon, CONOCO Clifton Ridge, CITGO Clifton Ridge, CITGO Refinery, Bulk Terminal 1, Port of Lake Charles, PPG, CONOCO West Lake Refinery, Bulk Terminal 4, Port Aggregates, Pelican Refinery and Central Crude.

CITGO has established a toll-free claims number for the incident. Affected individuals may call 1-800-213-5540 for more information. A separate number has been established for claims related to exterior boat cleaning. That number is 337-708-7177.


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U.S. Coast Guard Eighth District8th District Public Information Site
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Here's the lastest report for traffic in the ICWW:

Following is the Vessel Traffic Record since starting at 1800 on 6/24:
1800 6/24 to 0600 6/25 = 25 tows
0600 6/25 to 2400 6/25 = 26 tows
0000 6/26 to 0600 6/26 = 9 tows
Total passed .................60 tows
At 0600 6/25, there are 8 westbounders and 2 eastbounders on turn.
Traffic Control is working with the lock operators and presently locking
westbound traffic.
No tows required any cleaning during the period. Traffic operations
continue with no problems. We hope to have the cleaning crew back
on site today to handle any cleaning needs, including inspection of any barges that
need to be taken out of the Devall East Fleet.
Raymond Butler
Executive Director
Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association
2010 Butler Drive
Friendswood, Texas 77546
Office 281-996-6915
Cell 713-882-9750
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