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I had an oil change done at Kwik Kar this past Friday. On a 1 hour trip Saturday morning I hear a strange noise but think it's just some road noise.

I hear it again yesterday and my son even said " dad your truck sounds weird".

Arriving home, I open the hood and discover my coolant cap is missing. Looked around and see the cap sitting between the frame and a fuse box. I added almost 2 gallons of 50/50 Prestone. Took a drive and no more noise.

I suspect it was just a vacuum noise from the reservoir not being sealed. Kwik Kar apoloogized this AM, cleaned up a small amount of boil over and flushed the radiator and put new fluid in.

I was wondering if it would be appropriate to ask them to pay for a diagnosis to be on the safe side. The temperature light never came on and the gauge never got to the red mark.


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Well this is not the first one I have heard of and probably will not be the last...that is why I do these things myself. I would not bother with the diagnosis as it will probably be skewed unless you have it done by another seperate shop.

I would however, be inclined to ask for a couple of free oil changes in the future.

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when I was commuting to Corpus, I used a Jiffy Lube for quick oil change before the drive.

About halfway there, I noticed a whistling sound. I opened the hood and found my airbox cover off and no filter inside. They had tried to get me to change it, but it was fairly new and I declined. I guess they forgot to put it back.

As luck would have it, I checked the oil. Almost 2 quarts low. I look under the car and the plug is hanging on by a thread.

The really bad news is that was the second similar occurence, even though I used a different Jiffy Lube.

I took to changing the oil myself in our older trucks and we bring the cars to the dealer (free changes in my subie and the wife's audi)

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I quit using Kwik Kar for the above mentioned reasons and one more.

1) Got oil changed and the next morning noticed oil under my wife's 4 runner, the drain plug was holding on by a couple threads. Kwik Kar -Sorry

2) Have always had Castrol used and the last change for no reason they put in Penzoil. kwik Kar - Sorry and offerd a discount

3) A lady in our office had her's done and told her radiator needed a flush and if she didn't get this done her car might leave her walking. Oil change and flush $169.00

4) The last time in they wanted to do a injector cleaning i delined, next wanted to replace the air filter, also declined, came back again with the radiator bit, that was it! i told him to finish my oil change and he wouldn't have to worry about seeing me again, he tried to give me the service and I also DECLINED!! SEE YA
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