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I know that in the past some harsh comments have been made about the new Cut Rate or Fisning Tackle Unlimitted store. I've been known to speak unkindly toward them on more than one occasion. But in all fairness I feel compelled to relate this tale...a tale of renewed faith and satisfaction, at least for this incident.

Y'all remember a few weeks back, Marbergers sold all his surplus stock at a ware house on Strawberry between Fairmont and Crenshaw, in Pasadena. One of the items I bought was a Penn GTi 330. I brought it home and put it on the rod I bought the same day (Both at half price) and stuck it in my rod rack (Thank ya Rick! ;) )

It was not until last night that I got around to putting line on it in anticipation of a chance to get out and fish off shore. I soon discovered when I started to put line on it that the level wind wasn't working. I unscrewed the pall and it was worn down to a nub...GROUND down'd be more like it. There were tiny little flakes of metal all in the worm gear and the worm gear felt and looked line someone had tried to feed it down a garbage disposal.

I took a chance and went by the warehouse and David Marburger himself was there. He apologized profusely and immediately offered me a refund. I told him that I wanted the reel but if he had another like it I'd be happy with a trade-out. Again he apologized and said that all that stuff was long gone and he didn't even have parts. He said that if I wanted to take it in for repair he'd be happy to reimburse me for parts and labor. I was some what surprised considering the conditions of the sale, as is/cash only/and I'm pretty sure there was a "no refund" policy posted. But he wanted me to be happy with the sale so he said that he'd do what ever I wanted, refund or repair.

I went over to Cut Rate on the Gulf Fwy and took it back to the service department. They are an authorized Penn repair center. I explained my situation and the guy took a look at the worm gear and was shocked to see the condition it was in. I assured him it was new and never even had line on it. Still neither of us could figure out why it was in such awful shape. He walked it back to his work station and, on the spot, installed a new worm gear and pall. Cost about 10 bucks. He knew I needed it for tomorrow and worked me in while I stood there and watched. It only took about 5 minutes but still, he didn't have to do that for me. I appreciated the personal service (for those of you that never had the pleasure of dealing with them in the old days, out on Telephone Rd., that was their style and daily SOP). I offered to pay extra but he smiled and said it was his pleasure.

The amount was so small I didn't even bother to go back over to the warehouse. I appreciated Mr. Marburgers attitude and offer but I didn't want to take the time. I felt the need to get home and spool up a couple of reels! :)

I guess I'll never know what happened to the thing in the first place or how I failed to notice it till last night. Anyway the whole event left me feeling good and I wanted to pass it along. As they say..."all's well that ends well"! :cheers:

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Try that at Academy .... your lucky if the pimple faced kid can stop guaking at the ladies in the store long enough to listen to your question!!!

Walking Jack: Job Well done about standing up and righting a wrong !!! Personally I call them Cut Throat but I spend my money there and always will....

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