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I spent the last week in Hawaii on a cruise with family but had to get in a day of fishing :)

We fished with Capt Jeff Fay again with hopes of a big marlin. We left the marina at 7:45am and had lines in the water by 8am.

After trolling about 30 mins, a 500+ lb blue comes up and smacks the smallest lure behind the boat, yanks the line from the outrigger but we don't get a hookup :(

We kept trolling the same area but couldn't get it to come back.

About 30 mins later, a big hit but no jump. I get in the chair and after a few mins we know what it is..... BIG yellowfin tuna. I fought it for about 30 mins and we got it in the boat. 7 hours later after being bled and stuck in a fish bag it weighed 145.5 lbs...... by far my biggest tuna ever!

I thought we were in for a record day, but didn't get another hit for the next 5 hours. Capt. Jeff sighted a school of 5 lb skipjack tuna working some bait, so we pulled in all the trolling rigs and caught a couple of them and began slow trolling. Had a hit but no fish. Caught more for bait and started slow trolling again. Bam! Big hit and fish on. My sister's fiance gets in the chair and the black marlin on the end of the line is going wild. It did LOTS of jumping but it was way out behind the boat. I didn't get much for pictures. The deckhand leadered the fish after about 15 mins and the hook pulled right next to the boat when I was about to get a pic. Doh! Hopefully my dad got a good one with the disposable camera. We were told that it was only the second black marlin caught in Kona this year and was estimated at 200 pounds. It was a fun day out there for sure!

I've attached a couple of pics.... to put the size of the tuna in perspective, I am 6' 1" tall.


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