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Kirby Marina after Ike

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Looking for additional information about Kirby Marina after Ike. Do I still have a place to keep my boat?

The link below shows Kirby for about 12 seconds (from 4:12 to 4:23 on the timer), where the Akela got beaten up, and I see a flash of the C dock's roof. Looks like the boats on the hard are still upright, and the rusty roof on the garage is still there.

For the storm, my boat was hitched to the truck and 70 miles from the coast, but I know that a lot of my neighbors on the C dock either didn't or couldn't move their boats out. No answer when I call down there...

How bad is it?

Pubguy said:
This video shows BHYC, Kirby, and the town of Surfside from above. Use this link then find 'Hurricane Ike from above". It was on the hot topics page when I found it.

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kirby marine damage

I was down there yesterday. I have a place in Hide-a-Way, down the street. The marina for the most part was in pretty good shape especially the newer section. The older section had roof damage in certain sections but did not see any boats that had sunk because of the storm.

Power and phones are still out in that area of town and may not be up for another week.

Call me if you want a little more info.

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