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Keller Bay

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anyone know anything good or bad about this bay.......my brother and i are going to start fishin it and was curious to see what people thought or knew of this bay.......thanks
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keller bay

I hate to be so vague, but Keller Bay is really good or really bad. There are a lot of close in reefs that can hold trout and reds. The west side just south of the park and up towards the creek can be good for reds and flounder. The southeast pocket is good for trout and reds. The only problem in the fall and winter the area is full of duck hunters. When Carancahua, Lavaca and Palacios Bays are muddy, Keller usually stays nice and green. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. I was wondering about that bay, as well.

It is funny you asked. I just posted a report for Keller. It was my first time there.

thanks guys...my bro and i have a place down there and fish keller every now and then but usually palacios....i guess we need to start fishin it more often by the likes of what mr pope has to say...by the way pope...its ironic....my name is also brandon...maybe ill see ya down there one day....tightlines
My brother and I fished Kellers in a Oilman's tournament earlier in the year. Around the south side there are some duckblinds, and a little cut, we got into some reds. We caught a few small trout on the southeast corner where the bank turns flat to vertical(hard to explain). When the wind is churning from the south, that's a good spot to snatch some fish. We pulled a 25"er out of there to begin our Tournament stringer.
I fish there from time to time. I usually catch something, but never really tear them up. Which seems to be consistent to what I hear everyone else catching.

Its a hit and miss bay. But I believe its like any other bay, if you fish enough and learn it, you can run into the fish sometime. Was there the weekend before the Labor day trying out my dads scooter with Sharkcoach. We fished the southwest pocket. Found lots of reds. Its a pretty little bay, but its never really constantly produced. I usually fish it on super windy days in the spring. I have went home empty handed alot more than happy!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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