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The rain kept me from going out until 11:00 on Saturday morning. My first stop was a stretch of shoreline on Keller Bay. On my fifth cast I caught an 18” red and thought “okay this will be good.” An hour later all I had was a few undersized trout and ladyfish. I went back to the in-laws house and had lunch and a nap. Around 5:00 I headed back out for some scouting. I found the spot I had been looking for at first. A shallow pocket (especially since it was low tide) with a mud bottom and a lot of grass. I started my wade and moved about half way towards the shoreline (200 yards) when I noticed about 20-30 reds tailing in about a foot of water. I looked around and noticed several other groups of reds doing the same thing. I started casting to them with red killers, but there was so much grass that I fooled them instantly. I reached to the top of my hat and noticed that left my topwaters in the boat. I also would have to wade through the fish to get back to the boat so I decided to cast in front of the reds and wait for them to get to the lure and twitch it. Finally one nailed it and fish scattered like ducks on a pond. At that point I decided to go back and get the plugs in the boat. When I returned the fish hadn’t reorganized, but there were singles everywhere. I open a serious can of whoop butt on the fish. Pearl Super Spook Jr killed them. I even got an estimated 36” red in a foot of water. It was heaven, but closing time was in 45 minutes as the sun was getting low. I am not sure how many reds I ended up catching, but it was a lot. I also caught 2 nice trout.

The next morning I was on location before day break. There was a ton of other boats and one guy ran through my flat as my father-in-law and I started our wade. The tide was also in and I guess the fish were more spread out. He got on red and I had a few blow ups and a ladyfish for our efforts. At 8:00 we decided breakfast sounded better than fighting the Labor Day crowd. However, I was back during the evening when the tide had gone back out and there was a least a hundred reds on the flat and nobody else in sight. They were in 18” of water a moving as single school and I mean moving. The last 30 minutes was a blast and the Super Spook Jr was the ticket again. Keller was killer and I almost regret posting this as I am sure someone will be there in the morning getting MY redfish while I am sitting in my office thinking about fishing. Whoever you are, have good time and leave some for me as I will be back in a few weeks.

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