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Don't get into the hype too much.
Get what you like.
Hook up with a few people and test run a few.
Are you in the bay or surf ect.....
Some are just plain huge. LOL

Some want balance over speed.
I usually don't go real far and throw mine in the back of my truck.
Some us racks, some use trailers.

Your weight is a big deal but if you're average.
You will get more options.

The shark board here has a lot of good info too.

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I fish the bays from sit-in kayaks. They're great for protecting your legs from the sun. They're also easy to outfit using simple hand tools (saves a ton o' money). Generally speaking, sit-ins are faster than sit-ons, but they don't get up on plane too easily, either. Other than that, they take second chair to sit-ons.

If a sit-on is capsized, it floats. Not so with sit-ins. A lot of time, money and thought have to go into adequate flotation for a sin-in. Do not trust the manufacturer's flotation.

Mounting up in a sit-in is no easy task, but after you're seated, one's about as comfortable as the other, and after a bit of familiarization, stability is not an issue. ( I work about 70 feet of line with my fly rod out of my sit-in without a problem.)

Try as many kayaks as you can before you buy. The results may surprise you. For the price I was willing to pay for the kayak I was cionvinced I had to have, I bought three Pelicans. For me, they tracked better than the expensive model. For you? Maybe not. Try a smany different models as you can.

A previous post noted that yellow attracted sharks. It attracts reds, too. And who among us wouldn't be willing to loose a leg for the chance at a 30" red on a #7 rod?
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