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Got my kayak out this afternoon after reading about the flat/green surf reports and headed down to the water tower off West Beach near San Luis Pass. The flat/green surf had turned to slightly choppy and sandy for the first 300 yards out. Before launching, I thought I could cast-net some bait, but after wasting 30 minutes, I decided to go for it with just artificials. I paddled out past the brown/green water to the dark green water and noticed quite a bit of weed chunks floating on top. One patch appeared to have a large dead fish floating; however I immediately knew it was a double digit sized tripletail! I paddled closer and when I cast my spoon into the wind, I had a slight backlash that caused my lure to fall short of reaching the fish. I got the backlash cleared and by the time I reeled in my spoon, the tripletail sounded and took off swimming on top. I tried to catch up to it, but it was no use-the fish was gone! @X&%$#!!! Oh well, I cast my lures for a while and nothing happened, so I started paddling towards a bigger weed patch area. Suddenly, I saw some surface boils and a 3 foot kingfish jumped out of the water less than 30 feet away from me! I got out my spoon and tried fanning off cast after cast to no avail. Finally, I decided to head back in, which was about 1 mile back to shore. I threw out my spoon and paddle-trolled back for awhile. Suddenly, the water in front of me had a big splash and I stopped paddling to get out my lure. After a few casts, I started to paddle some more and there was another splash in front of me! I threw out my spoon 100 feet out and I had a hit! Immediately, the fish jumped out of the water and took some line. I got the fish close and it jumped again- a big ladyfish. It was getting near 6:30 P.M. and I was thinking I had time to use it for cut bait, but luckily for the ladyfish the spoon flew out of it' s mouth when it almost jumped into my kayak and fell back into the water. I decided to padde in and call it a day.
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